Updating, backups, security and technical assistance

Regular monthly updates of the WordPress platform as well as themes and plugins, implementation of security principles and regular backups are essential for website consistency. It is not uncommon for malicious scripts to inject their code into insufficiently protected websites. If you find yourself in such a situation and you are lucky that nothing has been deleted from your site, or you have an up-to-date backups, it is still a big challenge ahead of you to get rid of the intruder.

Malicious scripts are often infiltrated and multiplied in various directories. In some situations, we can’t just rely on a malware scanner and web server security. WordPress developers are well aware of the directory structure, making it easier to detect folders and files that do not belong to a specific location.

Every website must apply at least basic security principles.

How much is your website valuable to you? Losing a website can adversely affect your business.

Medium website maintenance plan

Beside the basic website maintenance you need to monitor the resources provided by your web hosting provider. Domains menagement, bandwidth, memory usage, active services, user accounts, access permissions for files and folders and much more.

Also, if you use Email with the domain of your website, you need to manage your accounts and memory usage because resources may be exceeded.

This service refers to one website and one hosting server on a monthly basis.

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Medium Plan

  • Updating WordPress platform
  • Updating WordPress plugins
  • Resolving scripts conflicts
  • Website security
  • Technical assistance*
  • Creating a monthly backups
  • Creating a monthly report